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środa, 23 maja 2012

Zmiana planów

Hi friends. Quick update: in the next month I will make my escape from Asia. I’m in Malaysia now, Kuala Lumpur, then Singapore > Bali > Philippines > NYC!
I’m going to take a much needed break from being a foreigner in NYC, then I’ll head west to celebrate my niece’s third birthday in Portland, Oregon. After that I want to make the second year into a road trip. My hoped for plan is to find a non-gas-guzzling car and drive it from Portland, through Central America and into South America. If anyone has a car they’d like to donate or sell cheaply, I’m in the market for one. Put the word out kind friends. And if anyone wants to go on a road trip I can clear aside my dirty laundry and make some room for you.

NYC friends, get ready. June 11. I’m excited to see you. xo.

Pora na odpoczynek

I’m going to hit the pause button on the blog for a bit. Lately my heart has just not been in it and the photos feel very uninspired to me, so best I give it some space. You can always have a look through the archives if you’re in the mood to waste some minutes at work, and if you miss me, go to my website and click the contact button, we can chat. Keep keeping it real and I’ll see you somewhere sooner or later. Hugz.

After a full day of puking and an overnight bus I decided to splurge on something nice. This is what $30 will get you in Hoi An, Vietnam.


środa, 25 kwietnia 2012


It’s been 365 days since I’ve heard my phone ring, opened a letter from a mailbox, owned a key to a door, hugged an old friend, driven a car. A year since I’ve held a job, gotten paid, sat in a favorite chair, seen my family, said hello to a neighbor, or cooked a meal for myself. Today is the one-year birthday of this trip. As the days have collected it’s become more and more difficult for me to reflect and sort through everything that has happened / is happening, how I feel, what to share, and how to talk about it here. It seems either absolutely simple, or overwhelmingly complex, one sentence or an entire novel.

The Killing Fields

Woskowi mnisi

Jim Thompson House

niedziela, 15 kwietnia 2012


Google Maps

Hotelowy autoportret


I have not hollered at y’all in awhile. Aside from now having an extremely pristine colon I have been doing extraordinarily ordinary things. I’m holed up in Bangkok pretending my hotel room is my apartment and that I have an everyday life here that consists of taking long baths, watching way too many bad movies, riding a stationary bike in the gym,